Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 7 - New Food

As a general rule, I will eat almost anything as long as it is not super unhealthy. With that being said, today's big story is that I got to try two new foods. More on that to come but first, the beginning of my day:

After my normal morning routine, I headed up and began construction work again. The youngest worker, Eddison and I had a small project that put us sitting close for about an hour working together. I am still very bad at Spanish and he knows no English so I was really trying to find ways to communicate with him. Eventually, I was able to piece together enough words to ask if he wanted to listen to music. He said yes so I pulled out my phone and we jammed to some Need to Breath while we worked. The group that is here from Azusa showed up later and helped work too. It was nice having other English speaking people there. 

It was also nice because since I speak English and have been here longer, they asked me questions and came to me if they needed something. It made me feel important even thought I actually know nothing and have only been here for three days longer than them. They are a fun bunch of people and have accepted me into their group by inviting me out to dinner and lunch and stuff. Lunch was Alexander's again plus a little ice cream afterwards. I tried to order ice cream by myself and it was not going over so well. The lady had no idea what I was asking and all I knew was helado and what I wanted based off me pointing. Luckily, there was a guy that spoke English near by so he helped us out. Thanks random old guy, I needed it.

For PE, we started track and field events. I had the young ones today so I taught them shot put, discuss, long jump, and high jump. They loved all of them but especially long and high jump. I made them into competitions and challenged them that if anybody could jump higher or farther than me, then we could just play games. All the kids are like 10 so obviously they couldn't beat me. It's cool being the teacher of so many small kids because they think everything I do is cool. The two tallest boys held a jump rope as high as they could in the air to see if I could jump over it. I did fairly easily (because the boys are only 3 feet tall) and everyone thought that was impressive. 

I am having a lot of fun teaching them and am now beginning to learn all of their names. After school and a bit of cleaning my apartment, I met up with the team, Dwight, Tandy, and Jonathan for dinner at Abuelos. I got a tilapia dinner plate complete with a huge fish, beans, rice, and the fried banana thing that I can't remember the name of right now. It was soooo good! Afterwards we went to a famous local ice cream place and got ice cream. I wanted to try a new flavor so I got avocodo. I didn't realize until later that they had actually given me pistachio. I was a little sad but it is okay because now I just have to go back. haha. 

After dessert, we came home and another small adventure happened. Throughout the day, my trash had begun to really stink. I threw an egg away a couple of days ago and along with several egg shells every morning, let's just say it smelled disgusting. Also, when I picked the bag up to throw it out, it was somehow leaking so now I have super smelly egg drops all over my house. It is really gross. I tried to clean as best I could but it still stinks. Oh well, I guess I can just try to clean some more tomorrow. 

Tonight, Kelsey's brother is coming in and will be staying with me. I made his bed tonight and worked out unlocking the door for him. Good thing the first thing he is going to get when he arrives is a nice big old punch in the face by an awful rotten egg smell. haha. My bad dude. Well, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow so I best get to sleeping. Thanks for reading and please enjoy the pics below. 

Sorry the picture quality is so bad. I don't know why they all came off my phone screwed up like that.

This is my plate. It is already partly eaten but you can get the
picture. The fish is huge and I ate the whole thing. . . except the bones. 

This is me holding the eye ball of the fish I am about to eat.
Everyone was watching and some gagging as I approached
my mouth. haha.

And this is me actually eating the eyeball. I ate it slowly and
was sure to get all the juice coming off of it so that people
watching could get the full effect. Besides the thought of
it, it really didn't taste bad at all. 

This was the pistachio ice cream that was
supposed to be avocado. It was still good
and homemade.
This is the Elmo cake I told you about from
the other night. I just got it uploaded so I
wanted to give you a looksee. Cool right?
It didn't taste too bad either. 

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  1. From eyeballs to pistachio ice cream...you are having too much fun. I wish I was there with you. Wims misses you a bunch. He wanted me to tell you. Olivia aced her final algebra 2 test, so she's pumped. I love that you are enjoying the kids so much and also trying so hard to communicate with the workers. Awesome. Love you lots.