Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day - 1: Travel

Yesterday I was so looking forward to being here and just experiencing everything. I had my final meal stateside with my beautiful girls Hannah, Mom, and little sis, Jordan and then headed off out of Lexington Airport. First time out of the country for this guy <-- and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. It's kinda fun being put in an unfamiliar environment and having to figure it out for yourself so I take on the challenges ahead full steam. 

My first experience with an Ecuadorian native came on the 5 hour plane ride from Houston to Quito.  When I boarded the plane, there was an elderly Hispanic looking gentleman in my seat. I had to awkwardly ask to see his ticket as I also showed him mine. He was totally in my seat, he just didn't want to sit in the middle. Neither did I. . . which is why I got the seat near the window. Anyways, after a little awkward conversation (because he could not speak so good English and I certainly can't speak Spanish), he frustratingly moved to his rightful middle seat and I took the window. I then had to sit by him for 5 hours. . . hahaha.

Upon arriving to Quito, I immediately drank some nice water from the water fountain! Just kidding, I did not. I did however notice the beautiful lights going up the mountain as we were landing. It is really beautiful out here. I'll try to get pictures up at some point. Getting through customs went fairly quickly and I am not sure that they even looked at my paper I filled out so that was easy. After I got out, I met my friend (who does speak Spanish), he got a cab, and I enjoyed Ecuadorian driving. At our first stop light a young child maybe 10 or 11, was dancing to no music in front of all the cars like Michael Jackson. He was pretty good but I got out and showed him whats up . . . Also a joke, I stayed in the car. I was told that if you can pass someone while driving, you do, and we did, so it was a fun time riding in this cab car. Believe it or not, I have had cab drivers in America that was way worse though.

Finally, we made it to the American guesthouse where I am currently sitting. It is right down the street from a post with two armed guards with shot guns and bullet proof vests. Pretty Cool! For now, the place I'm staying isn't all that different from an American hotel. I have a TV, wireless, and my phone works. Tomorrow however, I will be heading to Shell and that will be a slightly different story.

God has blessed me so much and I am so privileged to be able to be here in another part of God's creation. He has blessed me with safe travels and great friends and family praying for me. My main purpose for this whole trip is to learn how to serve whole heartedly and without any selfish desires. I am so looking forward to all the Lord has in store and I will try to keep you posted as I experience this blessing.

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