Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 14 - I've Got A Routine

Wake up at 5 and P90X, then shower, breakfast, quiet time and head to work. Baby time for an hour, today I got Jacob, then off to the harder labor. I worked for a few hours doing a ton of random construction things and then headed to Alexander's for lunch. Ate all of my food plus the extras of everyone else then finished off with a coconut ice cream bar thingy. After lunch, its work in Casa doing inventory or whatever else needs to be done, then PE time with kidos. Today I had the young ones again. They were having a hard time listening so we had to run laps for a while. Once they cooled down . . . (they actually did not cool down), we did some basketball drills then played knock out. Once class is over at 3:05, I stay and play around more with the kids, then head home fully exhausted. 

I always get home, take off all the dirty clothes and usually hang them up to dry, then plop down to relax and type some blog. When dinner time rolls around and if I am not napping then I eat. Today, I cooked some more of the left over Chinese food. I had a mixture of white rice, noodles with shrimp, and some type of red sauce beef with broccoli or something like that. All in all, it was pretty good. During dinner, I popped in the movie Hook on my laptop and had a little entertainment while I ate. Powell joined me part of the way through but we only got about half way into the movie. It will be a good dinner entertainment tomorrow too.

Here is my lovely dinner I had. It just looks like a mix
of everything . . . because it is. 

Post dinner, I headed to dance. We picked the girls up as usual and headed over for dancing and laughs. I was not feeling super perky today so I only decided to stay about 45 minutes. Yes I looked like a wimp leaving while 200 women and 4 other guys stayed to keep going but I didn't really care. If they can't insult you in your own language, then why care. That's what I always say (first time). Anyways, after I left, I hit the ATM, talked to a random Warrant Officer in the Ecuador Army named Silas for a minute in the middle of the street. He said he wanted to talk about religion so I invited him to my church . . . I mean the church I went to once right down the street. It was convenient that I could point it out. I don't really think he will come either because I really think he just wanted to practice his English. Nice guy either way.

From Silas to ATM to store where I stocked up on milk, juice, yogurt, and lunch meat for breakfast. The first store I went to didn't have mustard though so I had to go to another one to find that, and I did. Then I stopped in at a local bakery because all the grocery stores seemed to be out of bread. I have heard the bread around here is good so I wanted to try it anyways. As a result, I got gypped for the first time here. 

I walked in and told him I didn't speak much Spanish (first mistake). Then I pointed out what I want and told him I wanted two. He bagged them up and said cincuenta. I totally knew that was meant 50 cents but all I had was a dollar coin so I gave that to him expecting change. He paused for a second then realized he could take advantage of me since I couldn't speak Spanish. He said okay, thanks and then helped somebody else. I knew exactly what he was doing especially since the next costumer paid him a 50 cent piece which means he definitely had change. I stood there for one second then said hold on as I pointed at his calculator. When he rung me up, he put in the number 25 for 25 cents each. He didn't get to multiply by two yet because I stupidly handed him the money before he could (second mistake). He then turned his calculator around so I could see it, he erased the 25 hoping I wouldn't have seen him put it in and then he proceeded to put in 50 twice which made one dollar as if I did not know how to add 50 plus 50. To make a long story short, I totally knew what he was doing but didn't have the vocabulary to dispute it. So instead, I praised the Lord for the experience, said God bless that man and came home with my doubly priced bread. :)

Well that's it for today. Now, its off to bed ready for another glorious day like this:

This is a picture taken with my phone from Megan's balcony.
The mountain on the left is an active volcano and so is the
one on the right just in the opening of light in the clouds.
Also, to the far right of the picture that you can't see all of
is the Nate Saint House. Watch End of the Spear if you
don't know what that is. 

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