Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 4 - Crazy Zoo (w/pictures)

Today I woke up and did the normal morning routine except with boiled eggs instead of fried eggs. After that, I went over to house where Nate Saint came from the movie End of the Spear. I got to look around and read up on some of the history which was pretty cool. Anyways, from there, myself and a bunch of others loaded up in the cars and drove through the military base to a Zoo they have in town. This zoo was awesome and unlike any other zoo in America. There were military guards there in case something went wrong but other than that, it was pretty open. There were some small birds, jaguars, an iguana, and a cheetah or something like that in cages but there were also animals lose too. There were some ant eater looking things walking around, monkeys were going everywhere, there were some exotic birds and then all the little kids that were with us.

This was one of the monkeys just hanging around. It kept
doing flips and stuff to impress us I think. Later on, one
of his friends climbed up on my leg and chilled on my
hip for while. He was trying to snatch food from the kids
across from me. Lol
This is Jonathan posing for me at the Zoo.
He is Dwight and Tandy's kid I told you
about earlier. 

This is one of my favorite pictures from the
day. This is Jonathan seriously studying
one of the monkeys hanging out in his house
thing. I tried to get the monkey in it too but
he is hiding behind the pole. :)

It was really fun, and afterwards, we went back to the Nate Saint house and ate taco soup for lunch. It was pretty good. For dessert, we had Elmo cake and ice cream in celebration of John Paul and Johnny's birthdays. They were both very cute but John Paul doesn't like pictures so I didn't get any of him. haha.

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