Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 10 – Too Much Exercise = Too Much Food

So the Zumba thing was pretty fun I must admit. Immediately upon arrival, everyone in the building (98% women) turned and stared at us. They began pointing at us and laughing to themselves, then giggling as they pointed us out to others who hadn’t seen us yet. Once we started, we got even more looks as some of the moves required several hip thrusts and butt movements. Oddly, I kept up and was pretty good at them which only made the other participants laugh more. It wasn’t too demoralizing either because Powell was there right beside me doing the same thing. We were doing it for the little girls so it didn’t hurt my pride too very much. Haha.

We danced the night away, or for at least an hour and a half. Afterwards, we were beat and ready to go to bed so we went home and did just that. We got to bed probably around 10 and woke up the next morning at 5 for some P90X. As luck would have it, the session for the day was legs and back which meant we would be using a lot of our already exhausted dance muscles. We did though and then sleepily began our day. After my morning routine, I headed up to Casa for some baby time but instead started weed eating.

I missed baby time but the weeds needed to be chopped and since it has rained every single day this week, I have not been able to get it done. Now I have though. I finished about a third of the project I was working on because the weed eater kept messing up. I don’t think I have ever used a weed eater that didn’t screw up at least once while I was using it. Someone invent a perfect one please. Anyways, the weed eating job was fun and but it had me standing in knee deep water weed whacking waist high weeds. I had made it my whole time being here without getting eaten by bugs but this task proved different. My arms are now covered in little cuts and bites so much so that it looks like I have chicken pox again. No worries though, I got all my shots . . . I think.

For lunch, I went to Alexander’s again. The son of the owner always serves the food and now has come to be my friend. He doesn’t speak any English but he recognizes me because I go in every day. After about the 6th day in a row, I would see him and give a big smile as I greeted him. We kinda have an unspoken inside joke because I go every day and I always eat so much. It makes him smile when he sees me because he has probably never had someone order two whole meals before. So this time, I went in he smiled, shook my hand and I asked him his name. Now, every time we need something I address him by his name, Javier. He likes it I think. I think next week when I see him again I will try to get enough Spanish words together to invite him to youth group.

Speaking of, after PE where we played basketball, Powell, Kelsey, Melissa, and I all went to dinner at Johnnys, followed by Youth group for the first time. At dinner, the Spanish Jurassic Park was playing on the TV so it was hard for me to focus haha. Powell and I split two whole pitchers of this juice stuff. It was basically like a really liquidy smoothie but it was so good. We got a mango one and a mora one. And yes, if you know me at all, I did make a joke about the mora juice and how we could never run out because there is always mora. I got a courtesy laugh, nothing more. After dinner, we went to Young Life youth group which was awesome. There were probably 30-40 local youth there and I got to meet all of them.

At the hang out, we basically just hung out. We played a huge game of rock paper scissors or as they called it, wizard ogre elf or something like that. We also played their version of American football which was an odd mix between football, ultimate Frisbee, and rugbee.  It was pretty fun but mostly it was good to get to know some of the local youth. Afterwards, a couple of the guys invited me to go do parcore with them today at 2 and then basketball at 4. I said yes to both but it was raining at 2 so I am not sure if they are still doing it. I will go when the rain lets up and see where they are at.

After youth group last night, we took the younger girls we had picked up from La Casa to the park. Powell and I went and got some much needed groceries along with a couple bags of chips for the boys. Then, we all shared a cab, went to La Casa and picked up Javier and Wilson to come spend the night. When they got over here, we cracked open the big bag of Cheetos which they went through in about 5 minutes, next we opened the big bag of chips which they also ate all of. They were some tanks. We ended the night by watching Pirates of the Caribbean on my laptop. We stayed up late because they told me they always sleep in until 11 on Saturdays. That made really happy because I would love to sleep in after a full week and a couple of 5 o’clock wake ups. Stay tuned to see if they really slept until 11. . . 

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  1. Your jokes will make you grandad (who is now reading your posts) proud. We'll be looking forward to mora!