Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day 18 - Rest and Relaxation

Wakeup came a couple times because for some reason here, I have to use the restroom a lot more. So after my 6 o'clock restroom break, I didn't wake up again until around 11 which was glorious. I ate some breakfast, did a couple P90X workouts in my underwear (inside my house of course), had some devotion time, and then went and ate lunch. Alexanders was closed today so instead, I hit up this hole in the wall place and got their lunch. It is always awkward ordering because again, I can't speak Spanish but I think I am getting better at it.

After lunch, I put on a movie on my computer and just sat doing emails, playing minesweeper, and checking facebook. It was very relaxing. All I had for a movie was Milo and Otis which is a kids movie about a kitten and a pug dog. It wasn't the best but I borrowed if from Casa to watch with the boys the other night so it was all I had. Later in the evening for dinner, I just ate the rest of my left over Chinese food along with yogurt and granola. It was pretty good too. 

After a fairly short day of doing nothing, which was fun in and of itself, I headed to the girls house to pick up more girls at Casa and then go to a local talent show some church was hosting. It was me and 11 girls going to a Spanish talent show, what a fun time haha. Now I am trying to be very positive this entire trip but I am also trying to be honest. The talent show was a little difficult for me to sit through. It was all in Spanish of course which means I understood nothing that was going on and there were only 5 acts that were all pretty bad at best. They had three rounds and the event lasted over two hours so I had no choice, I left. 

I went and got a second dinner at some local burger place. I got French fries with chicken on top and a coconut milk drink. It wasn't bad but I probably shouldn't have eaten all those French fries. I then was able to catch up with the girls and walk them all back to Casa. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun night and especially hanging with the girls was a plus. They don't get many young guys around here so several of the girls like to hold on to me when we walk places and talk in Spanish giggling because they know I can't understand. They always talk about how one of their 11 year old friends like me or they will talk about my girlfriend back in the States. It is always slightly annoying but I guess kinda fun too. Sometimes I'm able to pick out what they are saying about me but most of the time I have no idea. Mostly, it has to do with me stinking, needing to shave, or them wanting me to dance.

After going to the dance classes, the girls found out that I was capable of cutting a rug and then to make matters worse, now I am teaching them dancing in our PE class. This means that anytime we are anywhere, they are trying to get me to dance or mocking me by laughing while they sarcastically do the moves I have taught them. Pretty much every time they talk, I just smile and not my head. Sometimes I through in a Si here and there but for the most part, I just smile (this also helps sometimes in the States when talking to women . . . and sometimes it backfires horribly) haha. JK, It always backfires. 

I forgot, when I was walking around killing time during the talent show, I also picked up a couple movies for a dollar a piece. They probably aren't good quality but it beats Milo and Otis. haha. I think I'm going to watch one now before I go to bed. I got Kung Fu Panda 2 and Cars 2. Tomorrow, the team here has rented a bus and is going to another town somewhere to a waterfall. I think I might join them but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for reading and sorry today wasn't all that eventful.

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