Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 6 - Snake Bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding! I did not get bit by a snake today but I did see one in a jar at La Casa. Today was my first Monday working. I woke up with my same morning routine. I cooked three boiled eggs and ate them with these meat stuffed bread things Dwight and Tandy got me from a local bakery. After breakfast, I hit the work station and helped make concrete and such. The Bodega we are building is coming along pretty nicely and should be finished here in the next week or so. We are building it to house all of the electrical equipment for the new school house we are also building. 

After a while of that, a mission team from Asuza College in California came in and they took over the sifting. It is a group of 7 girls and 1 guy but the guy and 3 of the girls were sick so it was only 4 for today. They were all good workers and fun to talk to considering they were 4 new people who could speak my language. After we got them started working, I weed whacked for about an hour and a half before I went to lunch. We ate at Alexander's again except this time I got two whole helpings of everything. The owner looked at me like I was crazy ordering my second plate but I had to, I was hungry. 

After lunch, I went back to Casa, organized some of the PE equipment and got ready to teach. For PE today, I had the 7 girls again and they were pretty good today. We did jump rope stuff and several of them were pretty good. We even got to where they could do double dutch for a little while. 

The best part of the day was after PE when all the younger kids got out of school. They immediately came downstairs to where I was and kept showing me all the gymnastics they could do in preparation for PE tomorrow. Some of them are very impressive and others are super strong too. I made the mistake of holding one girls feet in the air while she did handstand push ups. That made all the other kids want to do it so I went down the line and went through probably 10 or so kids one after the other doing the same thing. Some of the kids, especially Wilson, my new friend, kept trying to break dance on the ground while challenging me to do the same. He was not very good at the break dancing but was trying very hard. His sister, Maria, is in my M-F PE class and she is the most athletic and smallest of all the girls. She can do one handed push ups with me and is very close to completing a kick up. It is really fun teaching her stuff because she is really receptive and tries everything I throw at her. 

After school, I came home, ate some food, did some laundry, cleaned some dishes, and am now heading to dinner. Idk where I will go but I'll figure it out once I start walking. Tomorrow should be another fun work day as I complete my first week away from home.

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  1. Great blog son. I'm loving reading all of it. Love you. Dad.