Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 11 – Nope, They Didn’t Sleep Until 11

In fact, they didn’t even sleep until 630. That’s right, I was rudely awakened after about 5 hours of sleep to the knock of two hungry little boys. I told them to go back to bed but Wilson was too awake. Javier said Wilson kept waking him up and thus, he could not sleep anymore either. I still insisted and finally Javier wd started a movie for them. Remember the Titans this time. Then, when Powell left around 8, Wilson came and woke me up again. I had never fallen back asleep because I could hear them playing around so I quickly got up and got their breakfast on. I made them each 3 hard boiled eggs, two pieces of toast and ham. Neither one of them wanted their ham but they did want peanut butter on their bread. I made it all into a sandwich which they then pulled apart. Wilson ate the bread and peanut butter by themselves and Javier put the eggs back on the bread now with peanut butter and ate it that way. They both ate all their food along with a couple glasses of juice.

We had a blast, can't you tell?
While we ate breakfast unfortunately, Powell’s computer that we were using to watch the movie locked us out and I couldn’t get the dvd out so we had to switch to a different one. We pulled out my computer and put in Coach Carter. The watched the whole thing while eating more of whatever I had in my house and then afterwards we packed up to go. It was still raining hard so we went up and asked Tandy to call us a cab (because I don’t know how to communicate over the phone to taxi people yet). From there, I took them home then came back ready for a nap. Instead, I ate lunch, talked on skype with the coolest person in the world, Hannah, and then wrote these blogs. I love it here but it was nice to talk to a familiar face. Skype is pretty cool. Well that is enough sitting inside for me for the day and it is finally sunny outside so I think I will go do some parcore and basketball. Wish me luck, but don’t say break a leg, because that is highly probable. Lol.

The above paragraphs were written early in the morning and the day did not pan out quite as I thought. After my lunch of granola and juice, I headed to do parcore with the boys but could not find them. I didn't go until 3 which was an hour after they said to meet but I thought with Ecuadorian culture, I would be on time. In their defense, it was raining really heavy right at 2 so I think they probably just didn't go. So instead of parcore, I decided to go shoot some hoops. I was the only one there so I just shot around for about an hour. The boys said they would meet me at 4 but in true Ecuadorian fashion, this time, they didn't come until probably around 430 or 5. I did not want to wait that long so I just headed out instead. I went back to my house, grabbed the waffle maker and then went by the store. 

After arriving at Megan's house, I cooked my waffles, eggs, and bacon for everyone (I ate way too much). They were pretty good and a nice taste of home. Once dinner was over, we sat around and watched Clash of the Titans on Megan and Sheri's TV. They are fun to watch movies with. They talk during movies which I don't do at all but their commentaries are pretty funny. It was nice to watch a movie and just relax finally. After the movie, I am going to bed for sure and will sleep in as long as I can in the morning. 

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