Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Poison!!!!! Ivy. Haha. 

So all this weed eating got me poison ivy, surprise surprise. I was weed eating in wet amazon bushes that are all over 5 feet tall with all kinds of wildlife, random plants and a bazillion rocks in them. By the end of every day, I am covered in cuts, bruises, and little speckles of all kinds of plants. I feel disgusting but good as I know I have completed a good days work. Dwight told me why I was weed eating the other day. He said "we need to weed eat so that there aren't as many snakes and bugs . . . " That didn't make it any better knowing that I was standing in probably hundreds of snake holes. I hate snakes, bugs are okay but I hate snakes. Lucky for me, I oddly still haven't seen any and as of today, I am almost done with my project. I wish you could see how much I have done. Not that it is impressive by any stretch, it is just a lot. I have pretty much weed ate the whole property. So poison ivy or not, I am almost done and that is a great feeling. I wont remind myself that the weeds grow faster than the plants and that I will probably have to start back from the beginning once I reach the end.

The last couple days have been swell. I have slowly come out of my sickness and am gaining more and more energy with every step. I worked a full day yesterday and today and almost feel at full strength. I also ate all of my lunch for the first time today which is a good thing considering I was eating all of my lunch as well as the rest of everybody else's haha. Yesterday, after work and a little basketball with some of the missionaries, I went over to Megan's house with a few of the new summer staffers. We made homemade pizza which was pretty good and then watched Courageous which was amazing. It was the second time I had seen it and I loved it still. The acting is so so but the message is clear and right on. If you haven't seen it, do. It was fun cooking and hanging out with people. The new staffers are all really cool too.

Today, dinner was different. After some more basketball with the missionaries, I went by Johnnys and got a burger. It was pretty good but I think I like the other place in town a little better. For dessert, I stopped by the lady at the park and got a maduro. It was a good filling end to my burger. Oh yeah I forgot. Avocados are my favorite vegetable. I'm going to have to start buying more. I got one on the way to make pizza and just ate it on top, oh it was so good. I love avocado on pizza.

So now I am just sittin on my bed waiting for the NBA playoffs to start. I think Maria has cable so hopefully I can get it on there. I'm pulling for the Thunder but will be okay if the Heat win too. What a blessing it is to be here. I am very much looking forward to the beach trip coming up on Thursday. I have gotten a lot closer with Eddison who is deaf and Boris who is all smiles. Eddison likes playing rough and every time we hit and push, I end up hugging him which he likes too. Our play time goes like this. Rough up for 3 seconds then big long squeezing hug then repeat over and over. Boris is fun too and always wants me to just give him a hug. I am really looking forward to getting to hang out with both of them on the beach trip. God is great!

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