Monday, 18 June 2012

Beach Trip!

Before we left on the infamous trip, we were first paired up with a kid. Now just to make sure we are on the same page, the beach trip is not a vacation but rather another form of fun ministry for the kids. My job, which I was blessed to have, was to hang out with Javier the entire time. He is the oldest boy and has so much energy. I was blessed because in many ways, he is the type of boy that I feel called to witness to and mentor in the States so it was good practice playing with him. 

After a very long 10 hour bus ride starting at 3 am, we arrived at the Beach. Once moved in, we did what we had to do, go get in the water haha. It was so much fun swimming with Javi. He could swim really well and just needed me around every once and a while for a steady arm. It was a blast and oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. I can't describe the scenic view we had so I wont even attempt except to just say it was gorgeous. 

During the 5 day trip, we played in the ocean for several hours every day, had three great meals, craft time, lesson time, and cleaning time. It was a well run trip and the best part was just seeing the kids have fun. I know you would probably like more details but unfortunately, I was sick the entire time and am still now. Thus, I have no energy to write a large post. I did have an amazing time and almost all of my stories have to do with how awesome God is and how I can see God through the joy of children. Hopefully I can post more later but for now, I am hitting the sack. A 10 hour bus ride while taking care of an 11 year old all while not eating anything because you are sick can really take it out of you. 

Thanks for reading and I'm sorry there isn't more. 

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