Sunday, 10 June 2012

1 Month Down

So the tickets didn't end up working out. We had a couple different sources saying a couple different things so we ended up not going. It was a bummer but it just means I'll be able to go another day and it will be that much better. Friday, I was still sick so I didn't go into work until after lunch to teach PE. It was raining a ton so we stayed in the multi use building. Melissa had her class watching a movie there though so I had my PE class join in too. They were watching a musical called The Happiest Millionaire or something like that. It has the guy in it that played Moses a long time ago and came to Asbury to speak this semester. I can't remember his name but it was cool watching it now that I have met him. It was cool watching it anyways though because he is a good actor.

Saturday was a chill day as I started to climb out of my sickness. I still didn't eat much and stayed in my bed most of the day but come dinner time, I was feeling a little better. Kelcy, Jenae and I walked around town buying groceries to make chicken avocado burritos. We bought the little skewers of chicken sold on the street so we didn't have to cook the meat. It was a good idea and turned out great. I ate two gigantic burritos and all in all probably two whole avocados haha. It was super good and considering my stomach had shrunk recently from bing sick, I was stuffed. Afterwards, me and the 5 girls . . . played some Dutch Blitz and then I got a real treat.

Kelcy noticed that game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals was on. I haven't been able to watch much basketball since I've been here and I love watching the playoffs so it was a treat to see that they were on. We called up Patti Sue and headed over to her house to watch. The Heat won pretty soundly which means it is going to be a Heat vs Thunder playoffs. I am going to try to watch some of the games because I think they should be pretty good. My prediction is the Thunder in 6.

Today I have been able to sleep in, eat some breakfast and read my Bible. It is really cool reading right now. I have been reading through the Bible over the past 2 years haha. I know you are supposed to do it in 1 but I'm not the best reader haha. Anyways, I am in Corinthians now and it has been really cool reading through all of Paul's writings. I guess I just haven't read through these chapters before at this current state in my Spiritual walk so God is showing me a lot of things I haven't seen before. I'm not necessarily getting a bunch of revelations, just a lot of stuff I have never thought of before and questions I've never had before. It's cool to think about too because when I am finished, I can just start again and when I get to the same spots, I will be at a different Spiritual maturity so I will get different or more things out of it. I am looking forward to it and have really enjoyed reading what I have so far.

For now, all is well, my bug is dead, my energy is slowly coming back along with my appetite and tomorrow I will be ready to start a new week. I am ready to come home just because I miss a lot of the things about home but I am also thoroughly enjoying everything here and don't want to leave. I am still trying to live in the moment and thank God for every day here because again, I know I'll miss it when I'm gone.

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